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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Listen to My Radio Interview with Deb Scott on The Best People We Know on Blog Talk Radio

I was delighted to appear on wonderful radio host Deb Scott's Radio Show called The Best People We Know last week. The show, entitled Revitalize Your Mind & Life, was actually picked as a BlogTalkRadio Staff pick and featured on their front page. I practiced my mindfulness exercises before the show to make sure my fear-based brain didn't take over and make me forget my ideas :)
Deb was a relaxed and eloquent host, allowing me to feel at ease and showcase my best therapist self.  We talked about many different aspects of Mindfulness, including:

  • What Mindfulness Actually Is, & What It Isn't  (hint; it's not emptying your mind) 
  • Why We Need Mindfulness in Today's Mad, Multitasking World
  • Learning  Mindfulness Skills
  • Using Mindfulness to Decrease Chronic Pain
  • Using Mindfulness to Improve Your Close Relationships
Learning Mindfulness improves your awareness and self-regulation of emotion. You increase in Emotional Intelligence (EQ; EI) and empathy, and this improves your relationships and creates more opportunities in your life.
No wonder companies like Google are providing Mindfulness courses to their employees.

If you would like to learn these skills for free,
Listen to the audio live here, 

Listen to Internet radio with Best People We Know on Blog Talk Radio

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You can listen to the replay from blogtalkradio at:

And download to your mobile device from itunes for free at

About Deb Scott:
Deb is one of the best people that I know, and I feel very fortunate to have connected with her. She and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino are the organizers of the Motivation Marathon, with a collection of renowned speakers and coaches offering a plethora of valuable  inspirational advice. She has also written an award-winning, inspirational book called The Grass is Blue and The Sky is Green (brilliant title, in my opinion!). 
If you'd like to know more about Deb and her coaching services, book, and radio program, here is the link to her website:

About Dr Melanie G:
I offer Mindfulness-Based Life Coaching and Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Trauma Weight & Eating Issues, Relationship Problems, Bullying, or Chronic Pain, both in person at my therapy office in Mill Valley, California or, via Skype (if assessed to be appropriate) to people in California and New York (where I am licensed).  
Visit my new therapy website to find out more about my background, and clinical services.

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